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All Stainless Circle Airtight 5 Set

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All Stainless Circle Airtight 5 Set


  • GK-SSC-01 700ml (Ø125 x 62)
  • GK-SSC-02 1,400ml (Ø160 x 81)
  • GK-SSC-03 2,500ml (Ø190 x 101)
  • GK-SSC-04 4,500ml (Ø230 x 120)
  • GK-SSC-05 7,000ml (Ø269 x 143)


  • 700ml, 1,400ml, 2,500ml, 4,500ml, 7,000ml


  1. Valley Type
    - It is a valley-type product consisting of stainless steel cover and body, featuring an attractive design.

  2. Perfect Sealing
    - The stainless steel body and harmless silicone packing ensures tight sealing.

  3. Free from EDC Concerns
    - You can store foods in a fresh condition for a long time without concerns about EDC.

  4. Stainless Material
    - The clean and sanitary container is free of food smells and colors, making it easy to wash unlike plastic containers.

  5. Vacuum System
    - The lid is easily opened even under high internal pressure with the one-touch airtight button.

  6. Convenience Shape
    - The products are easy to store as they are stackable like Russian Matryoshka dolls.