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Stainless Steel RACK Well-Closed Container

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Stainless Steel RACK Well-Closed Container


  • GK-5.0P -R 5.0L (250 x 200 x 150)
  • GK-5.4P -R 5.4L (285 x 220 x 130)
  • GK-7.5P - R 7.5L (350 x 250 x 130)


  • 5.0 Liter
  • 5.4 Liter
  • 7.5 Liter


  1. Maintain the freshness of stored items
    27 types of stainless steel containers ensure top-notch freshness of foods

  2. Ensure complete locking
    The bottom-up locking system offers tighter sealing. The silicone packing applies pressure evenly to the top of container for better sealing.

  3. Free from EDC Concerns.
    Containers are made of the globally verified stainless steel materials produced by POSCO to keep your family healthy.

  4. Stainless Material
    Restrict bacterial growth to prevent spoilage and decomposition of foods and block bad odors as well

  5. Stainless Steel Rack
    If you place the rack beneath the container before storing vegetables, grains, meats or fruits in it, you can keep them fresher.